Hangin with the boyz....

Chicago version of Bud Light

Airport friends (Pt. 1)

Crazy Ashtray...

....leads to eyedrops

Bruce and Boz

The dark side of Bruce

The light side of Bruce...

The reflective side of Bruce and a surprised Craig

Creeps watching football

Ask Boz who won this match

Geeka and Esty facinated by fire

Chinese food

The Framingham Crew

Rare angry Geeka (Boz wants peace)

Massive consumption (watch hands and feet)

Horty goes to gym ???

Morning after food fest

The Love of my life in the airport, Part 1

    Part 2 (Love Blooms)

Part 3 (You have a boyfriend ?!?)

Part 4 ("I love you more...")

Part 5. Mike wins !!!

Parting shot at 2am

Hurts to look at this now...

Brighton Gang

Hmmm, smells like burning rope.

God was behind the Patriots this day...

Sweetness and stucco

Boz accidentally kills Geeks with blow to head

Off to the airport...

After a great time with the family it was off to Boston to hang with the old Gang(s). Started with football at Geeka's house with the Brighton boys and then off to Bruces house to hang with the other Gang and drink way to much. No major accidents and a good time had by all so the trip was a large success. Thanks to all, see you next year.

-- mw 1/8/98

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