Family Christmas in Massachusetts....

Crazy Dad

Crazy Mom

Getting the tree

Drag the kill to the truck

Curry Hoisting

Mom as supervisor/coach

Curry, Mike and some guy with a big hat

Curry, all grown up

Postcard shot of tree and fire

Chloe, last of the cats

Jake the dog

Mom the cook (and Chloe the sneak)

Dad and Curry lounging

Dad's head isn't really this big

Staring contest ??

...Mom wins

Stuck shutter finally goes...

Took this myself

Mike and Curry, self portrait

Family says Bye to Mike...

As he heads off to Boston...

...With his favorite coffee

Missed a day due to a snowstorm, but enjoyed the rest of a great trip home and visit with the family. Christmas has become a different holiday after being this far away from home and seeing everybody (except Spotty) together again was great. Mom cooked a perfect meal (a few actually) and the tree was once again different and cool. Say what you want about me, but I got a cool family !!

-- mw 1/7/98

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