Some new pictures...

Finally got those California plates !!


Condiment shelf is full already !!

This is my supermarket (Lucky's)

The WalkCam itself.

Rare Clouds/Common helicopter

Fact of Life in Newport, $30.00

Bike trip to Beach Blend (Komron & Derek)

Shortcut, Off B-Walk (Komron, Derek & Keri)

Back on B-walk (note air on turn)

At Beach Blend (owned by Mark and Komron)

Artsy reflection shot

Beach Blend Menu

Traffic from the Balboa Ferry in front of shop.

As we continue down B-Walk to The Wedge...

...Mark stays and pours coffee at Beach Blend

Funny hats are big around here

The Dirty Nasty Wedge (note: second swell building)

Boom !! 15' of foam and confusion

Lifeguard: "This ain't a great place to stand, kid."

Headed Home (down the alley)

Back Home (Derek is in this tube..somewhere)

Long Left Wall

Mark Still Working (Ha Ha)

I guess I've been here long enough to stop gawking at everything (well, almost everything) and now the pictures will start having more people in them and less "sights". Mark and Komron live upstairs and own a coffee shop down at the Balboa Pier (about 1 mile down the beach). Derek lives the next block over and is some kind of financial wizard. Derek has lived on the peninsula his entire life and Mark and Komron moved here last year from Texas. It's a real melting pot and it's nice to have a little gang to hang out here with. The Wedge is a famous bodysurfing spot down the street. Waves come in from two angles and colide to make a perfect 20' tube !! Too scary for me but fun to watch. Pictures don't do justice to size and power of waves but it is simply awesome!! More picts on the way I'm sure.

-- mw 7/11/97

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