The Turner Inn....Solo Mission.

Stopped for a mini-party next to the 10

Secret Mini-party spot view

Me, after the MP

Back on the road, clouds end as the desert begins

At the Turner Inn

Come up shooting

Soda to shoot, beer to drink

Found this car and killed it

My favorite sign, "Road Not Maintained"

Top of the hill

Interesting desert painting

In detail

Looking forwards

And looking backwards

Happily on top of the biggest hill in the hood.

View out the back window

Time to shoot again!!!


Boom!! Boom!! Boom!!

Not much left of the Diet RC cola

The outhouse at sunset

The photographer at sunset


Desert sunset shots

Lighting the fire

Tending the fire as the night rolls on

Look what I found under the woodpile!!

A Black Widow

End of the night: Poker burning ceremony

There it goes

Poker gone.

... Walker also gone.



Next day, side trip for some more 4-wheeling

Going down...

Down from the high desert, clouds ahead.

Rock shot

Running back to check the picture...d'oh!!

The view


Heading home.
Every now and then you just gotta get out to see the nature. The desert is beautiful and the temps are getting cooler, time to pack up and do some four wheeling. The clouds stayed with me until 10 miles from the Inn and then magically melted. The rest of the night was stars galore!! Even though there was nobody around, there is plenty to do and there are really no neighbors to worry about, so crank the tunes, dance like an idiot and have a few min-parties in the middle of nowhere if you get the chance.

-- mw 09/30/02

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