The Turner Inn....again.

The clouds in the valley...

...magically disappear at the edge of the desert.

Windmills at the 10/62 junction.

More windmills

The Boyz.

The girlz.

The old guys.

Me and Bob mug while Michelle keeps order on the couch


Brad, "the Responsible One".

Here she is Austin...

Desert romance blooms.

Hanging out on the Love Couch.

Music stops, everyone find a seat.

Michelle: "This is fun, maybe we should get married."

See Bob Run.

Big, scary accident right down the "street"

The truck, after 6 or 7 tumbles.

Hard to believe she walked away from this but she did

Highway Patrol conducts an interview with the luckiest girl around.

So, there I was, heading out to the Turner Inn for a quiet night of hanging out, watching the full moon rise and camping under the desert sky when I came over the last hill and found a party going on instead. Being the flexible guy I am I traded in all that nature stuff for some dirt bike riding, gun shooting, drinking and general mayhem. The crew included Bob "Saftey Officer", Michelle "Mom", Michelle's son, Austin "Lucky", Brad "The Responsible One" and Josh "Josh". Those guys provided lots of laughs, all the girls and some good company. Austin has called me to remind me to put up the pictures of that weekend (probably cause his girl was the prettiest) and I am not going to keep him waiting any longer.

-- mw 05/1/02

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