The Turner Inn....Part two.

The afternoon view from the Turner Inn.

First Night Fire.

The famous "White Truck Gang" arrives.

Greg, Greg, Val and BT.

Cooler convoy.

Brad on the sandboard, Austin drives.

My ride.

Stay low, Walker....lower.

Greg on a fly-by.

"Permission to buzz the tower..."

All it takes is a little push.

Sten rides, Todd pushes.

Dusty skid...stopped for a picture half-way around.

Cameron's turn, excellent power to weight ratio.

Sue, last minute instructions. "Gas-right, brake-left".

Clocked at 94 mph....NOT!

Me and Steve.

Val and Sue.


Sten and Greg.

This was fun...Ryan juggles dangerous stuff....

..yes, that is a hatchet.

The rifle range, 30-06 with a scope.

Bob. Gotta do the chores before the fun stuff.

Busted!! Taking a picture of Sue's butt.

Brad and Steve with the biggest tree around.

Austin, back from a ride...

..Greg, about to take one...

...Jones, wishing he had one.

An artsy shot from Sten of Nikki, me and Val.

Michelle doing a good job of not worrying about the kids.

Tools of the trade.

Yes... I am standing on my tip-toes.

Off to the backyard shooting range.

Jones ready to go.

Greg, with the .44 -- BOOM!!

Brad giving my new shotgun a workout.


Ryan strikes a pose.

Nikki and Val too.

The crooked folks of the Crooked Tent.

Bob, still doing chores.

Tough time at the old outhouse?

Leave nothing but tracks.

This was my third trip to the Turner Inn. Once again, loaded the truck with firewood (even strapped some to the roof) and headed due east from Newport for two hours. On the last mile of the trip to the cabin I spotted a familiar truck in front of me and Bob, Michelle, Austin, Cameron and I all pulled up at the same time. Two days later, once again sunburned and happy, I was making the trip back to the beach. Sten was once again my hero as she took the camera on a tour of the people and places for the sake of posterity. Many highlights, *almost* no casualties (nothing permanent anyway) and a good time had by all. Thanks again to the Turners and CV for a great weekend.

-- mw 03/11/02

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