The Turner Inn....

First Night, Chris and I behind the Inn


Outhouse cleaning. Val=hero. Please turn lights out.

Chores done. Drinking gloves on.

The Turner convoy arrives.

Bob Turner at the Inn.

Accomodations for the first game..

Tailgating, desert style. Turner N.

Sten and Ryan - Backgammon championships.

Are we boring you Guido?

Taking the bikes out - Ryan: Always know where the camera is.

Bob, showing us the way it is done.

Soaking up the last of the rays.

Sten...not impressed by my long gun.

Preston - Setting em up...

Walker - knockin em down.


Outhouse. Wheelbarrow for emergencies only!!


...on the range.



Sten - Reflective nature moment.

Walker, Jones, Preston, Chris, Sten, Austin.

Guido makes a break for it.

Me (barely), Michelle, Jenny, Ryan, Preston, fire.

Game time.

Pats kicking Raider the snow!!

Sunset at the Turner Inn..

Always figure a way to get my truck in the picture...rooftop/sunset.

Keeping the drinking hands warm.

More keeping warm - Doggy style.

Next day...did some 4-wheeling before hitting the road home.

Truck, Joshua Tree....

..and me. Sunburned, windburned, dirty and happy.

Ask me about this house...

...this is what the 4 wheeling was like...

...last shot.

This was my first trip to the Turner Inn but it won't be my last. When C.V. mentioned the trip I asked him what was on the agenda, he said: drinking (etc), guns, motorcycles and off roading. I have never been one to turn down "etc." so I loaded the truck with firewood and made the two hour trek to the desert. Met a few new people, saw some old friends and made quite a weekend out of it. Oh, yeah almost forgot: TV, generator, bonfire and AFC divisional championship ---> New England 16, Oakland 13 (OT). Thanks to the Turner clan, sorry to the Raiders fans.

-- mw 01/28/02

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