More truck, Azusa, CA...

Five bucks gets you in.

Heading towards the mud.

First river crossing...

Still clean (see below).

Overview of the playground (ants are trucks).

More ants.

View from the roof...

Truck tricks.

Climbed to a mini-party spot.


Mmmmm, donuts !!

The other end of the reservoir.

Stuck Truck Pt.1

Stuck Truck Pt.2

Stuck Truck Pt.3

Another mini-party spot.

As far as you can go w/o a paddle.

Fun in the mud.

I need wipers on the side windows.

Magic AstroTurf stays clean.

More fun in the mud. This time up to the Azusa OHV area for a little bit of whompin'. This place is only about 45 minutes from my house and there is plenty of fun stuff to do when you get there, river crossings, sand, hills, mud, water and even a pretty cool spot for a mini-party. If you get stuck there are lots of people waiting to pull you out and the atmosphere lends itself to impromptu parties (even tho there is no alcohol allowed ;-).

-- mw 10/18/01

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