Hitting the trails with the HappyRox...

Hitting the trails again.

This time Mahi is my Co-pilot.

Take your mark, get set....






Finding a spot for a mini-party.

Spot #1

Greg, Keilo and Mahi.


The HappyRox.

H20 Break for Keilo and Mahi.

Mahi blows a facial fuse.


Back on the trails....

Secret spot #3

Roof toppin'.

Altitude not attitude.

We were all getting tired.

1.5 hours back to the beach.

Back on the trails again. This time I brought the HappyRox out to show them my new wilderness four wheeling spot. Mahi made a great co-pilot and navigator (although we kept ending up at tennis courts) and we all enjoyed a day of wheelin in the woods. The mountains are beautiful, the weather typically perfect and we had a great time exploring at altitude before making the cannonball run back to the beach. I finally discovered what my truck was missing: dog nose prints on the windows.

-- mw 9/10/01

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