A brief look at the housing and interview trip of May 16-23, 1997 and some of the people who made it possible....

Sign of the times.

The Outside view.

The Pad (inside fence). I'm on the bottom.

View of house from Newport Beach.

Looking north, Newport Pier in b/g.

Looking south, Laguna Hills in b/g.

Job search notes.

Working the phones.

Interview tools: Ties and fresh fruit.

Time to relax.

Pacific Coast Highway

My New roommate (me).

My Old roommate (Bruce).

My Cali-Trip Roommate (Steve).

Big Thanks to all for making this trip and move possible, special thanks to Steve Finer for giving up a vacation and making the business trip with me and Bruce McAleer for making the business/pleasure trip with me in the van across country. An undefined, but well deserved thanks goes to BOKS. Special, loving thanks to Mom, Dad and Curry for giving me the courage and support to make this move. Also an apologetic thank you to all those folks at H.P.H.C. (especially the E-Mail team and the Helpdesk crew) for putting up with me during the dreaming and planning phases and cleaning up after me when I'm gone.

-- mw 5/30/97

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