The last month of summer here in Newport and the people I spent it with...

Long Sleves
Busy Corner of the apt.

Not so busy corner


This page intentionally left blank.

Note photographer in mirror

Derek: "Let's go already !!"

Oft injured Waka feet

Hunter, nice undies..

Boardwalk, headed south

Mark: Pissy mood #1

Not much traffic cause summer is over :-(

Last Call

Komron on the futon

The many faces of mc:blend

The many faces of mc:blend #2

The many faces of mc:blend #3

Writing the paper, Komron & Cortney

Ron stops by the drive-thru window.

Smile Ron !!

Shot from the sky...

Shot from the ground...

WalkCam at night.

..and during the day.

Here we go again. I have been guilty of leaving the digital camera on the shelf thru some of the best sunsets and good times out here in Newp. So I made an effort to get it going again and these are just some misc. pix from the month of September, the end of the summer.

-- mw 10/16/97

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