San Bernadino in the early spring...

Truck, you wait here, I'll be right back...

The view from the dome light.

Nature shot #1

This was a fun corner, I did it twice.

The mirror shows the muddy uphill climb.

Out to the meadows (about 1/2 way home).

In the middle of nowhere, GPS knows how to get back.

Nice view thru muddy windshield.

Growing trees after forest fires.

More of 'em, should be a forest soon.

Mini-party spot.

High speed section.

As deep as I could go and still drive home.

Thich and fresh.

Window slop.


Short mountain afternoons, time to get back.

Losing the sun, but on the road.

New roads?

Nature shot #3, mountains in the mist.

Most excellent sunset.

Me, trying out a new hair-doo.

OK. Here are some MORE pictures of me and my new truck. This time I was just coming off of two weeks of repairs and itching to get muddy. Headed up to San Bernadino and broke out the map and GPS to tried to work my way back west without using the paved road. I made it about 9 miles (pretty far) and then cut back to the highway to drop mud and rocks on the unsuspecting pavement dwellers. Hope they enjoyed it, I know I did.

-- mw 2/22/02

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