Mammoth '02 and SB Mountain trip..

Mammoth truck parking.

At snow level, about 7500 feet.

Thru the desert, truck shadow trying to keep up..

...been there, done that.

Thru the brush, down the trail.

View from the roof of the truck (3 day beard, no shower)

Moon, sunset and Joshua tree.

Heading up to those mountains in distance.

Tumbleweed (in non-tumble mode).

Ultimate GPS time - a fork in the unmarked road.

Taliban beard filling in..

Smoke on the water..

Slushy, happy truck.

Slushy, happy Walker..

Mud, snow, 4-wheel drive, GPS....genuis.

Taking a run at a deceptively deep puddle.

....with predictable results.

Onward & upwards.

Roof toppin'.

The f-150 roofdeck.

One more shot before I go.

Bye, bye mountains.

Back on the trails again. These shots are a combination of the end of the Mammoth trip and a recent trip to San Bernadino to finish off the "roll" of pictures...a wonderful combination of desert, mountains, snow and sand with enough mud to keep the pressure wash guys rich on my quarters. GPS is a great addition to the truck, I found myself taking any trail with the confidence of knowing at least one way back to the highway. The first time the truck has seen snow and a nice reminder of the weather I grew up in. Fun.

-- mw 1/3/02

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