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Michael S. Walker Jr.      

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Professional Qualifications


Lead Engineer for multiple, concurrent, enterprise-level network design projects.  Able to handle all areas of design, implementation, documentation and troubleshooting for complex internetworking projects. Proven Professional Services experience. Able to effectively converse and present at a pre-sales, technical or executive level.  Outstanding documentation and visual diagramming skills. Able to hire and effectively manage teams of employees or contractors. Training and classroom leadership experience on the collegiate level. An goal orientated individual who welcomes challenges and exceeds expectations.



Core Skills


·            Cisco secure wireless networking including related hardware, encryption, accounting and authentication methods.

·            Enterprise routing and switching platforms including LAN/WAN design and firewall design and deployment.

·            VPN technologies including concentrators, hardware clients, software clients utilizing IPSEC, ISAKMP, PPTP, and MPPE.

·            Installation, advanced configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco and F5’s load balancing devices.

·            Extensive protocol analyzer experience on multiple platforms and with multiple protocols.

·            Specific knowledge of LAN and telecom cabling, standards and applications including telco, fiber optic and copper.

·            Large scale implementations of VLAN switching technologies and development of advanced topologies.

·            Secure RADIUS/TACACS implementations.

·            Telco circuit technology (frame-relay, digital data circuits, xDSL), CSU/DSU configuration and troubleshooting.

·            TCP/IP architecture and related services including: SMTP, POP3, FTP, HTTP, DNS, NTP, SNMP, SSH, TELNET.

·            Implementation of multiple IP routing protocols: IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, RIP.

·            Extensive Professional Services consulting experience. Excellent presentation and visual diagramming skills.

·            Ability to manage and coordinate large staff of employees. Collegiate-level teaching/training experience.


Employment History

 2003 - Present

Solely responsible for all design and implementation of nation-wide secure wireless network and ancillary service offerings including video streaming, real-time transcripts and remote access for legal teams. Creation of QoS-enhanced, Video Conferencing and bridging infrastructure supporting Forture 500 Law Firms, court reporting firms and state and federal courts.   Developed and managed all technical projects within the company.  Provided service to 50 courthouses across the country including high visibility trials such as Martha Stewart, Tyco, Adelphia, D.C. Sniper trial and others.  Developed and maintained partnerships with multiple vendors and service providers and developed technology to seamlessly integrate their products into our offerings.  Responsible for all professional services technical presentations and documentation, developed technical marketing material and authored RFPs for open contracts. Hired and managed a staff of ten employees.


·          Designed, built and managed nation-wide secure wireless network infrastructure, servicing over 50 permanent sites.

·          Implemented and maintained secure, redundant VPN-based network monitoring system.

·          Designed and built remote access solutions for core network as well as multiple on-site access solutions for customers.

·          Built and maintained two highly redundant datacenter environments supporting thousands of clients.

·          Designed and installed multi-level redundancy for core network and developed disaster recovery procedures.

·          Managed overhaul of our web-based authentication system and provided direction on the company’s web presence.

·          Created and maintained all technical standards, documents and practices and managed implementation through support staff.

·          Developed procedures for site surveys and infrastructure assessments as well as oversight of sub-contractors.

·          Managed all equipment specifications, procurement, inventories and deployments.  Developed templates for type of equipment to be used at various sites based on level of service, cost and assessment of future needs.

·          Maintained relationships with both vendors and partners.  Managed integration of new technologies.

·          Directed all professional services engagements, site assessments and customer presentations.




SENIOR STAFF CONSULTANT, Cable & Wireless, Irvine, CA
 2000 –2003

Provided network-consulting services to a variety of customers ranging from small’s to large enterprise customers. Performed all aspects of network design and buildout including the gathering requirements, initial design proposals, pricing, architecture, equipment selection, implementation, documentation and training.  Responsible for visual, written and verbal presentations at the technical and executive level. Position required flexibility and open-minded approaches to a diverse customer base.


·          Managed or led all network design and build decision making for Washington Mutual, the largest Professional Services customer for Cable & Wireless’ southwest region.

·          Generated significant revenue for Cable & Wireless by proposing additional projects and enhancements to customers.  Completed all of these customer projects on time and in-line with budget and technical requirements.

·          Prepared and maintained comprehensive documentation packages and runbooks for all aspects of assigned projects.

·          Developed multiple templates for advanced enterprise network designs, IP address allocation and remote access schemes. These templates saved man-hours, streamline processes and encouraged a consistent approach to engineering projects.

·          Earned highest possible evaluation on annual review, led staff in utilization for multiple quarters.

·          Received Star Award  (monetary award) 2000 and 2001. Multiple recognitions as a top performer from management and customers. 




SENIOR Network Engineer, Toshiba America Information Systems, Irvine, CA
 1997 -

Responsible for multiple large-scale projects relating to the operation of Toshiba’s internal networks as well as WAN connections to their external vendors.  Originally employed as a consultant to head-up their cc:Mail to Notes e-mail conversion, subsequently hired and promoted four times over three years with a corresponding increase in pay of 62%.  Promoted to the top position in the department.


·          Hired as a Junior Network Engineer and promoted to Engineer, Staff Engineer and Senior Engineer within 2 years.

·          Served as a senior member of a team that successfully completed a 12-month, 2 Million-Dollar redesign of the entire Irvine campus network that consisted of 6 buildings and over 5000 nodes. 

·          Led a project team to redesign the Toshiba Manufacturing network. This high profile project was intolerant of downtime and was undertaken in a 24 x 7 environment. 

·          Reviewed, redesigned and implemented security policy for vendor connections by creating multiple DMZs and relocating external connections to these DMZs.  Standardized and controlled routing protocols between LAN and WAN sites as well as external customers and implemented access control and anti-spoofing filters on edge devices.

·          Earned TAIS Performance Award (monetary award), 1998 and 1999.





SENIOR ELECTRONIC MAIL SPECIALIST, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Lexington, MA

Designed and implemented internal and external e-mail services to a community of 4000 users on four mail systems that were acquired as a result of mergers and acquisitions. Performed all tasks associated with internal e-mail routing as well as providing and maintaining external routing and resolution of external e-mail routing issues for the user community. Solely responsible for all customer problem resolution and e-mail client issues.


·          Hired as an E-mail Associate and promoted twice in two years to Senior E-mail Specialist.

·          Co-designed and solely implemented a redesign of the entire cc:Mail topology, including directory synchronization.

·          Implemented the Lotus SoftSwitch e-mail backbone, associated access units, gateways and policies.

·          Designed and implemented secure remote mail access for cc:Mail users.


Education, Degrees & Certifications

Bachelor’s Degree: Framingham State College, Framingham, MA, - May 1990

Cisco Certifications: CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, Candidate CCIE –  September 2003

CheckPoint Certifications: CCSA, CCSE (coursework completed) – July 2002

Network Associates Sniffer University: Ethernet I and II,  TCP/IP I and II - August 1999

Additional Certifications: cc:Mail, Lotus Notes Admin I and II, Lotus SoftSwitch Admin I and II – June 1998


All performance reviews, awards, letters of recommendation and salary history available on request.




Michael S. Walker Jr.                                Major Project Overview


Courtroom Connect

·         Sole engineer charged with developing, installing and maintaining nation-wide wireless network.  The network consisted of two datacenters (NY and SF), 50 individual sites and redundant VPN connections to each site.  The network also included network monitoring, back-up power, redundant RADIUS servers and multiple remote access solutions for management, troubleshooting and repair.

·         Implemented VLAN technology on all wireless networks allowing for multiple authentication schemes and a whole lot of other really important shit.

Cable & Wireless

·         Lead engineer for Washington Mutual, the largest Professional Services customer in the western region.  Responsible for all network design and topological decision making associated with this customer. Washington Mutual purchased over 2600 Professional Services Network Architect hours, resulting in over 700K in revenue. The current network occupies 30+ cages and includes 22 routers, 16 switches, 10 firewalls and provides over 300Mb of WAN bandwidth as well as 700 user ports.

·         Customer advocate for external projects. Regularly asked to attend meetings with Washington Mutual’s external vendors as an advocate for the bank.  Positive experiences with Professional Services led to engagements that often were unrelated to the co-located network yet required network expertise not available in-house.  Led multiple projects aimed at improving internal topologies of WAN vendors (IBM and AT&T), resulting in adoption of suggested proposals as well as architecting the connections to their multiple business units and development facilities.

·         Washington Mutual extended their Cable & Wireless statement of work to include redesign of their “flat” campus network located in Irvine, CA.  This network consisted of  3 buildings and 2500 nodes.  Served as sole engineer on this project, and it was completed in three weeks.  The redesign included the purchase of  equipment, architecture of a routed core, two DMZs, two WAN connections, updating/identifying fiber and cable plant infrastructure, implementing DHCP and WINS,  NetBIOS over TCP/IP, and assisting NT and UNIX admins with their applications as they related to the new environment. Equipment included a two-switch core, 5 distribution layer switches and 25 access layer switches.  Customer was provided a full runbook and training.

·         Responsible for the design of a VPN backbone for Cable & Wireless’ enterprise monitoring partner SiteLite.  This design included stateful firewall-to-firewall connections from 3 data centers to their main office, VPN client access for SiteLite engineers and connectivity to Cable & Wireless’ Monitoring Network, co-located in Santa Clara.  This design was built from the ground-up and implemented within a live production environment.

·         Proposed, designed and implemented the “Vendor/Partner” network ingress which consisted of a series of DMZs that ultimately served eight external vendors and a nation-wide AT&T WAN infrastructure.  This ingress utilized three DS3 and ten DS1 telco circuits, multi-vendor firewalls and a variety of encryption and NATting devices allowing flexibility for the individual vendor’s requirements while maintaining operability standards.

·         Responsible for large scale Network Assessment and multiple design proposals for Aramark in the Los Angeles datacenter.  This was assigned on my third day of work with Cable & Wireless and included on-site visits to Aramark’s facilities, multiple design proposals and follow-up presentations.  This assessment and the related proposals allowed the sales staff to close the account two weeks after initial engagement. 

·         Developed and put into practice multi-stratum, secure and redundant NTP architecture and implemented internal TFTP, Core Dump and logging server infrastructure to monitor performance and standardize code versions on equipment.  These designs were originally prepared for customers SellAllOver and E*Federal and was expanded and revised for Washington Mutual.



 Toshiba America Information Systems

·         Senior member of a team that successfully completed a 12-month redesign of the entire Toshiba Irvine campus network which consisted of 6 buildings and over 5000 nodes.  This project required overseeing the construction of new IDF data closets (including power and HVAC), trenching and pulling new inter-building fiber and re-cabling of both workstations and labs (including Telco labs).  The project included the purchase of 2.5 million dollars worth of Cisco equipment and implementation of a routed environment from a “flat” class “B” address space. Routing was provided for both IP and IPX as well as providing encapsulation for legacy SNA traffic. The project required implementing Net BIOS over TCP/IP, WINS, DHCP and the creation of server farms and lab environments.  All work was preformed on a live production environment with minimal impact. This 12-month project was completed on time and under budget with minimal impact to the user community.

·         Redesigned the Toshiba Manufacturing network, which was used to deliver software images to Toshiba laptops and servers.  This high profile project was intolerant of downtime and was undertaken in a 24 x 7 environment. The project required building a parallel network, consisting of new copper and fiber runs and 8 Cisco 6509 switches built in four new IDFs placed on the manufacturing floor.  Tested and benchmarked the new network to ensure performance and fault tolerance before the “hot” cutover. This project was completed on-time and increased production efficiency by reducing download times by an average of 25%.

Toshiba America Information Systems (cont’d)

·         Lead Engineer tasked with remote office setup.  As Toshiba expanded they opened offices in Georgia, Virginia, New York and California.  These offices were standard office suites that required IDF buildouts, voice and data circuits, station cabling, network equipment purchase and equipment configuration.  Served as a direct supervisor for all construction work that was performed by local vendors. Configured all network equipment, repackaging it, shipping it to the final destinations and supervising installation.  This project required the coordination of many groups and timing was often critical.  Each of the remote offices was up and running on time.

·         Co-lead for a project that aimed to “close the borders” of the Toshiba Internetwork.  OSPF and RIP were the predominate routing protocols being used in the environment and they were not constrained effectively at the network’s borders potentially allowing external vendors to gain knowledge of the internal topology.  The decision was made to switch to EIGRP as the primary routing protocol as it supplied functionality for both IP and IPX and it allowed the summarization routing tables.  Upon completion of this project, default routes were the only routes that were redistributed to vendors and partners allowing limited visibility and strict control. As part of this same project, all vendor and partner connections were migrated from the core to a new DMZ.


Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare

·         As a result of mergers and acquisitions, Harvard Pilgrim consisted of four e-mail systems which communicated through an HP/UX SMTP gateway using an alias file for address translations.  The goal of this project was to migrate users off legacy systems and begin routing mail through the chosen primary system (cc:Mail). Included in this project was the migration of all user data, user logins, preferences and mailing lists stored in the legacy accounts as well as ensuring e-mail routing between the legacy system and the primary system during the cutover.  This project was completed on time, allowing the subsequent projects to begin as scheduled.

·         Implementation of the Lotus SoftSwitch e-mail backbone, associated access units, gateways and policies was the next project towards integration.  This project was tasked with replacing Sendmail aliasing and SMTP translation with a single product that was aware of each e-mail system and would allow “intelligent” translation between systems allowing features such as attachments and rich-text to be translated. This project, originally scoped to last for six months, was finished within four months at a significant savings to the company in consulting hours.

·          Authored and taught a series of classes entitled “Troubleshooting Procedures for E-mail Issues” to the Helpdesk staff, and developed associated handouts. The purpose of this training was to allow the helpdesk staff to perform level one and two troubleshooting of end-user problems freeing time for the e-mail specialists to concentrate on escalated issues and projects.  Training consisted of four one-hour classes per week, covering a period of six weeks.  At the end of the training average trouble tickets opened to the e-mail group dropped 75%.  Received the “All Hands on Deck” award for successful completion of project. 


Corporate Software

·         Developed an internal Intranet web page designed to inform technicians about common problems confronted during support calls. This project began as an exercise in HTML, but soon became a standard practice and was assimilated into the support tools used by all groups within the company.  The HTML knowledgebase was credited with lowering overall call times, increasing customer satisfaction and resulted in a letter of recognition from upper management.

·         Taught two 10-week (30-hour) classes on MS-DOS and Windows architecture at a local community college. This was a pilot project designed to generate job applicants for the business and was adopted as a standard practice after 14 of the original 30 students were hired as phone support engineers.

·         Held weekly "Lunch and Learn" sessions for new support representatives. These sessions originated as a way to assimilate new technicians into the world of telephone support by introducing concepts such as controlling the call, using standard troubleshooting methodologies and discussions of potential pitfalls and common mistakes.  The sessions expanded to include discussions of common problems and their resolutions and as an avenue of escalation for problems that could not be resolved through standard channels.

·         Provided guidance to other representatives as a member of a team of “Mentors”.  Mentors were made up of senior level techs that provided a path for escalation of problems that could not be resolved with first level support.  Mentors also coached phone calls and reviewed performance of the other representatives using a peer-to-peer coaching form.  This information became part of the employee’s record and was used as part of the review process.



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