Newport Beach >> Portland >> Seattle >> Portland >> Newport Beach....Part Two.

Marty's 10 year project...

...was the wrath of Andrew after a tough loss.

Oscar. Best power-to-weight ratio of any TB junkie.


Word to Portland Baby!!

Oh, yeah. You are not supposed to smile.

Those guys.

KUFO's finest.

Rams suck!!!!

Time to head north to see Patty.

Where was I between these two signs?


Feeding the birds at Mickey-D's.

The photo trap.


Home of the Mariners, Safeco Field in Seattle.

Patty. One of two pictures taken in Seattle.

The other picture, Truck and Patty's house.

Back to Portland, look who I met.

"Finally, a mascot we can all believe in!!"

Pat and Dru at the informal goodbye to the Northwest.

Starting out on the road home.

Almost driving off the road home while taking a picture.

Oregon sunset, part one.

....part two...

...part three...

...part four...

...and finally, pictures with people.

Next morning, Mt. Shasta looking good.

Central Valley. Water = green. No water = brown.

Off the beaten path again. Looking south on the 5 in NoCal.

Off road, looking for access to some trails.

Found some citrus but it was not ready yet.

California Aquaduct, looking south.

Denied access....

..and they weren't kidding.

"This is me, being denied access."

Many ways to make a self-portrait.

Leaving the plains behind at the Grapevine.

Off the beaten path in Central Cal.

Ford, product placement.

See me at the bottom, pointing to me? Fun stuff!!

Sweet mini-party spot only about 1/2 mile from the 5.

Back on the road.

Last shot from the road before OC.

Good times!!

These are the shots from Portland, Seattle and then back to Portland before hitting the road for OC. I am (as usual) kicking myself for not taking more pictures in Seattle. We went to a kick-ass bar (two actually), walked the "Loop" at Puget Sound, drank some Sunday beers, met Patty's boyfriend Jesse and their friends. Oh, well. Try to picture it in your mind. After Seattle I stopped in Portland before heading back on a long, meandering, exporation-filled drive back down thru California. No tickets!!!

-- mw 06/10/02

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