Newport Beach >> Portland >> Seattle >> Portland >> Newport Beach....Part One

All packed up and ready to go!!

Stopped by AAA to get some maps. Never used them.

Look closely, dust devil off the bow.

Driving for hours and still not getting close.

Desert heat and blue sky.


Scenic photo-op at the California Aquaduct.

Trucker, not enjoying the free publicity.

Looking north up the 5.

Cool hills behind.

My goal: Sacramento by sunset. Here is the evidence.

Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA

Time to find a place to camp.

This is a map to my campsite on night one.

...and here is my site.... the Best Western!!


The view from my "campsite". Ah, nature.

Next day, T-storms brewing in NoCal

Stopped at Mt. Shasta, saved a butterfly. Hero photo.


Cool mountain marks the end of the plains.

Which way do you think I went??

Hmmm, "Central Weed" or "South Weed"??

Rear view of Mt. Shasta

Found an great off-road spot for a mini-party.

This is what the spot looked like. Pretty cool.

Drove down to the water and busted out a picnic.

Cheers to all who couldn'd make it....


Dragonfly city, this one was two feet long.

Two days before my birthday, not old yet!!

Figuring out the timer on the camera...

Rock flower at Mt. Hood.

The mountain from the parking lot.

Dru and I on a mid-day break from snowboarding.

Back to Portland.

Spring in Portland, roses, sun is hot, beer is cold.

Andrew's new orange wall, VW bus, me and my cooler.

Andrew's house.

City life....5 locks and an alarm nobody knows how to set.

I was not intimidated.

Marty's decade at FSC with some superficial damage.

Left Newport on Thursday afternoon and drove to the town of Redding (just north of Sacramento) before bedding down for the night. Woke the next day to the sun and drove the rest of the way to Portland where the party commenced with Andrew, Johnny, Pat, Oscar, and three psycho cats. 6am the next day, snowboarding at Mt Hood and then off to Seattle the day after that to party with Patty and Lauren. These shots are from the trip up and Andrew's house in Portland. I took the camera to Mt. Hood for snowboarding pictures and left it in the truck, the conditions were great and I couldn't be bothered even though I knew I *should* take pictures.

-- mw 06/10/02

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