November in Balboa....

Supplies packed, off to the celebration

Alex and the Turkey (Part One)

Steve: Photo quality smile

Tom playing with something Tim wants

Attention: Kitchen Crew

As you were....

Alex's Lovely Grandparents (combined age: 279 !!)

A view from the roof towards the beach

R.P. Stops by to confuse us

Good people, bad photo

Greg and Janimal

Contrast in temperatures: Greg, Alex and Tim

Facing North (w/ Tim and Alex added for scale)

Alex and the Turkey (Part Two)

Keilo, at her best: Full of turkey

Keilo attacks Mahi: Tripping, 5 yard penalty

Mahi: Ball go up, no come down

Devil Dog, with lots of filling

    The Mahi Collage

The Tiki Bar

Onion Soup ??

Read the sign Walker !!!

Into the night...

Drama !!!

Me and Greg (L to R)

Have a little Coke with that Capt. Morgan

The Newport Pier, from my porch

Gratuitous nature shot

The Author

The camera that takes this picture....

Sunset #1 from my porch

Sunset #2

Another sunset (One per day)

Hey...this camera has a flash ??

Beach cat, Otis

Shane on a fly-by

Diamond David Lee Stoddard visits Walker

Skills !!!!

Ha, Ha !!Greg lost his board cause he had no leash

Walker: D'oh !!!

Well, it's been about a year since I "lost" my digital camera and the updates to the journey have been few and far between. BUT....Enter Tim, and his good eye for bargains and I am now shooting again, this time with an kick-ass AGFA digital camera. So, here was November in Balboa, including a (really) great Turkey Day with the rest of the HappyRox clan and Alex's Grandparents, who are 112 and 167 years old respectively. Many more pictures to come now that I am digitally equiped again.

-- mw 12/2/99

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