South Swell Hits The Point....

The Scene, Newport Pier in background

Red Flag at 17th

Very diverse crowd checks out the action

This is what they saw, 6'- 8' walls

More of the scene, red flag at 19th

One guy is done, another just getting started

Guy in a wife beater watches... a guy in a wetsuit takes a beating...he didn't make the drop

This guy is *not* going to make that section...

...neither is this guy

The shot of the shot of the ride

Another case of bad timing on the paddle-out (note: pelicans)

Another tough paddle, note the walled up wave in the background

Hard to see this guy but he made an amazing drop, now it's all left

Guy on left watching the left

Relatively pedestrian wave for the day

Another speedy left hander

Zoomed in on this guy dropping in

The famous Calvert Backside Rail Grab

Dropping in, time to GO...(I don't think he made it)

A "wide peak", note guy punching through on left side

No takers

Not great shape, but plenty big

Sponge takes a turn

Same sponge, same wave - into the soap

Splitting the "peak"

Soapy, sandy wave (and look outside :-0)

Three elements of surfing (L to R): Wipe-out, drop-in, duck dive

Family time

Another post-Labor Day crowd scene at 18th

Even this guy had to stop and watch

Right where my feet should be on days like this.

September is hurricane season everywhere (in the northern hemisphere anyway) and this swell was a combination of an existing south groundswell with a kick from hurricane Humberto. It takes a very particular swell angle to make the point fire like a point and this was *not* it. Lots of walls, lots of beatings but a few quick peaks and some shoulder hopping combined with Newport's surfing talent made for some good photos (it was a little too big for my longboard). Unfortunately, I don't have the lens for the good close-up shots but I shot a few pix and here they are...

-- mw 09/05/02

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