Newport Beach, CA -- Pier Camera

This is a view of the Newport Pier, located on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, CA. This camera is hosted by my buddy Matty and is located on the roof of my old apartment on 17th street. The camera faces southwest, but it has been known to move a bit with a good wind (on Christmas day 1999, the camera actually blew off the roof, this was the picture it took). In the middle of the picture is the 19th st. lifeguard tower and the surfbreak behind it called 'Secrets' (it isn't much of a secret). The break to the left of the picture is called 'The Point' (it isn't much of a point). Over the course of a year, sunset moves horizontally across the length of the pier signaling the change of season. The summer sun sets to the right of the picture, the winter sun sets to the left, and during spring and fall, the sunset lands right in the middle.

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