An Epic journey, all for a good cause...

Last night in room.

As I left it the next day.

Livingroom, minus Walker

Packed van, ready to go.

Pennsylvania mountains.

Fifteen minutes later in PA.

Pulled over to watch rain in PA.

On the road, still smiling day 2

Later on, day 2. Still 2700 miles to go.

...but plenty of good conversation.

Sign says it all.

The hero of our story, day 3

A driving challenge for Bruce, handled well.

Time for a treat.

Saw this 14 times during trip@ 8 MPG.

How did you make it in 5 days ??

Closeup picture for Steve Finer....

Concentrating on NOT dropping camera.

HUGE Oaklahoma Hail/Thunder storm...

Sky is green, so are we...

The deluge begins....

This cloud started to spin, bad sign.

Worst behind us ??
Bruce after the storm.
Too many poses and it'll catch up !!
Well deserved rainbow...
On to the desert...
Lots of nothing and 110 degrees.
Enough already, time for a hotel...
Comfort Inn in Sedona, AZ. [Dirty !!]
Friendly Locals...
Drunk travelers...
Turned out to be the sherrif's daughters.
Leaving on a Saturday, after a great going away party, this trip took 5 days and covered 3300 miles. Bruce and I slept in the van on the floor and were lacking showers for most of the time. We had more than a few amazing experiences which I will not detail in this forum except to say that the USA is a big place with a lot of cool shit between the coasts. Ask Bruce about the deer, the accident, the double bank on the 8-Ball or the hail storm and I'm sure he'd be glad to fill you in on the details. Ended up getting a parking space right in front of the new pad to unload the van. Well done !! Miss all of you a lot (especially now that Bruce is gone). I have a futon couch waiting for any and all who venture out here.

-- mw 6/18/97

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