East Coast Rock Star Tour....Part two.

Approaching the bridge, "Reduce Speed Ahead" ??

Crossing the canal at the Sagamore Bridge

Nothing says "Welcome" like dead grass.

Past mid-cape, almost there....

Local Cape Cod flavor

Greg's first look at the Atlantic, from the 'Comber lot

This is the view...

...and a quick primer on Cape Cod swell directions

Parked next to the Raw Bar at the Beachcomber

Oysters Away!!

Local knowledge: Stay off the dunes

First day, Bruce and Veronique arrive

Boz: Out, but not down

V, B and B share a laugh

Happy dance for a HappyRock

More happy people

Story time, no doubt.

Mom, Curry and Pedro join the party

Me, Curry and a bi-pedally challenged Pedro.

Curry and I catching up.

Beach Boy or Beer Boy?

Geeka makes a passionate point

Graham and Boz

Mom and me

Nighttime Falls

Graham, speaking French with his hands

Bruce and Veronique

A plan is hatched...

...the essence of the plan is explained.

The EastSide (of the fire) crew.

Boz, Horty and Lumpy share a moment

EastSide Overview

This look says, "No comment!"

This one says, "Much comment!"

Veronique finds the camera in the chaos

UFO sighting ruins one of my stories.

The passion, it's all about the passion.

Fun at Geeka's Cabin...


Horty, "those guys" and some Bruce

Graham and the Mix-O-Matic

Geeka: W-A-S-T-E-D!!

Wellfleet Sunset

...more of the same

The Unofficial Tour of the Framingham State, as photographed by Alex

Back to Towers with a statement

Time to stop, time to steal.

Back at the Gulf on Temple St. after 15 years.

I see they're still selling the "Air Oil's"

Good Old Maynard Rd...still standing.

172 Walnut St...nuf said.

And last but not least, Super Liquors. Ahh, the memories.

Here we are, this is the second half of the tour. These shots cover three days and nights at the Beachcomber in Wellfleet with a bunch of FSC products. There were bonfires on the beach, drinking at the 'Comber, partying at Geeka's house and on the last day, a visit from Mom, Curry and Pedro. On the way back to Dad's house we took the 20 minute tour of Framingham State (and related landmarks). Aside from almost bumping into my Maynard Rd. landlord (which would have been *very* bad), we got in and out of town without incident. First time for everything. Thanks for taking pictures Alex, thanks to all who hosted us, and special thanks to the family!

-- mw 03/11/02

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