From California to Massachusetts and back...

At Dad's house: Came up shooting and drinking

Heyda, Dad and the trophy no one wanted...

Me and Lumpy, checking out the view from the back porch

Dad found something to do with our time

Good thing he wasn't wearing a skirt!

Really, I did most of the climbing...

Lumpy, catching up on the news with a happy Alex

Raiding the kitchen for lunch

After lunch conversation, Alex and Heyda

Busy corner of the house showing different agendas

Mr. Big and Mr. Not-so-Big, comtemplating the greenery

Running the dogs, and the people, on a tour of the woods


Sadie waits as we emerge from the big, dark woods

Sadie, at 3/4 mast

Gotcha....Gotcha first

Getting ready to head out to Bub's BBQ!!

Clean fork, full mouth, happy taste buds

Mrs. Greg Gladstone

Sadie and Lumpy on the couch

Pre-dinner laughs

Dinner laughs

Dad's favorite morning trick: Send in the dogs!!

...part two

People who didn't make the trip but made the film: Shelly

Dogs who didn't make the trip but made the film: Keilo

Arrival at Boz's house in Charlstown

Checking out the YearBOKS with Elizabeth driving

Lumpy shooting darts, Boz eventually won

Fleet Center, the old and new bridges, all part of the Big Dig


Size matters

Off to Massachusetts with the HappyRox!! This was their second tour of the East coast so I tried to make it a good one to keep the steak alive. We started at Dad's house for a taste of the Western Massachusetts wilderness. Great time, lots of unwinding from the flight and resting for the week ahead. Turns out to be a good thing we rested cause it was quite week!! On Friday we headed to Boston to meet The Mighty Boz at his place in Charlestown. We hit some bars, some some friends, played some darts and got a taste of the city life (and a peek at the Big Dig) before making the trip down to the Cape (as seen in Part 2)...

-- mw 08/27/02

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