Fun on the peninsula waiting for the rain to stop

Sign of the times...

Da Fire

What do these expressions mean ??

Doorway signage.

Rodney going down soon

Tongue Patrol.

Rodney, couch, food, bliss.

El Nino himself.

April showers bring...

California...gotta have fruits, veggies and stickers

Big heads, small lens.

Fan, veggie burgers and bike on roof

The lens is about to get sprayed.

California girls.

Stoned girls

Pretty girl

Note the amount of food involved

All Amerikan

El Burro

Long day for these two

Expanding head

My Buddy Gerry

More Picts. Sometimes it does get a little hectic around here so don't be offended, just kids having fun in the sun. All these folks are locals (more/less) and this was a lazy Sunday down here by the beautiful Pacific ocean.

I don't know how Rodney gets so much food in his mouth at one time.

I took down some of the crazier pictures and that's all I have to say about it. Everybody just beeeeee coooooooool....

-- \/\/aka 4/7/98

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