Mammoth '02...

Mammoth mountain at sunset.

Mahi, and the device that kept her from operating windows.

Tired but happy after 3 days of snowboarding....

GPS - once a toy, now a staple of 4x4ing.

Scenic vista.

Does my handbag match my outfit? Almost.

Sunset at the hot tubs.

Down the snowy road... the snowy path.... the snowy walkway (Mahi in the lead). the warm tub...

...with seating for 10.

Lumpy's naked ass.

Looks like heaven doesn't it?

Walker at the video helm.

Mammoth at sunset from the tub.

Post-tub change-up w/Alex, Keilo and Greg.

Photo-op, Mahi and Alex..

Hauling out the empties - Kielo leads the way home.

Alex shoots Walker.

Mahi and her best friend Wilson.

...lost in 2 feet of powder.

Lumpy to the rescue.

We finally found that hole to China people speak of..

Alex records the moment for posterity.

Self-recorded posterity.

My 3rd annual Mammoth snowboarding trip. First day was powder, second day groomed and third day groomed and crowded. Lots of time to explore the hot tubs and find some 4 wheeling spots. As always, the Sierras provided amazing snow, good weather and short lift lines and we returned the favor by trying to rid the town of beer, 12 oz at a time. Thanks to the HappyRox for the hospitality and we'll see you up there again in February.

-- mw 01/04/02

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