Snowboard trip to Mammoth Mountain....

First Night

Next Day

Kenny is in trouble...


And again...

...but not now.

Gear and Beer

Effects of Beer

One Morning after

Room Service please

Greg's new P.J.'s

Kenny calling one in...

Tonsil Check

Sue handed out complimentary massages

Nature show: The Crater

Walking around the crater

Slippery slope

Packed in the truck

    The Crater Crew: Smile everyone

Alex's Tree movie


Greg accidentally kills Sue

Partial eclipse of the Sue

Good Morning Mr. Stripes and Plaid

Sue engages a client

Sue engages a pizza

The hot tub...

...the cold tub

The High Plains

Shadow Party at the tubs

The Hot Tub Olympics

Mahi, keeping an eye on things

Toilet troubles: $Cha-Ching$

The Author

La Nina meant that there wasn't much snow, but it sure did make the weather nice for everything else. We got two good days of snowboarding in before we set off to explore the other amazing things that the Sierra's had to offer. Could have been tough with six people crammed into a small condo with one broken bathroom, lots of beer and wine (etc) and not much oxygen at 8000 feet. Turned out to be a great trip and a damn fancy way to end the 20th century.

-- mw 1/3/00

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