Hangin with the fish and the 1100 crew...

Packing it up at 5am

Most of the 1100 crew (minus Janimal)

Lori and Dawn

Smiles, everyone

Tony hooks big fish...Alex smiles

Fish Stud: Tony the bartender.

Our Capt. Kenny d' Man

Kenny at the helm

The Bait

Proud Ed and his #2 fish

The unlucky ones on the boat

Tigger, Dawn and Alex

Me and Mr. G

Trying my hand at driving the boat.

Taking a break (from fishing not drinking)

Picture of the picture that will be famous

Ed, looking for this mermaid all day.

Fishing rope

Fish Stud strikes again...

...And again

    Da Boys: Part One

Gotcha...no I gotchu

Walker on the roof

Janimal, hiding behind the beer

Proud Papa

Happy campers

Da Boys: Part two

Sheephead: Fish with Biiiiiig teeth

Can't explain this face

Greg, number one with me too buddy

Waka comes thru with a winner

Back home, time to clean em up.

Kielo, Mahi and Ivy want to help

Ed, Master of the fillet knife

Tagged and bagged for the neighbors

Spare parts

See, they do have yellow tails

Today's waste is tomorrow's chum

Wow !!! We had an amazing time on this trip. Capt. Kenny took a day off from his commercial fishing to give the 11th street folks a perfect day of calm seas, big yellowtail and 30 beers each. Everybody caught some and it was fish taco's for dinner and breakfast and lunch etc. We cruised off the West side of Catalina in Kenny's 45 foot boat (Addiction), dropped anchor in the middle of what must have been a fish hatchery and started tossing lines and hooks into the water. The day went by fast, the beers went down fast and nobody got sea sick......genius.

-- mw 8/10/98

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