Who is this Walker guy???

A: That one would take quite a while to answer, but you are in the right place. A little digging around this site will yield plenty of information including photos, housing and employment choices, history of the WalkNet Site and general Walker history (including a cat scan of my head -- I like to share). If you are still hungry for information (which, frankly makes me a bit nervous...) here is a copy of my Facebook profile which will tell you all about my favorite bands/movies and my ideal date.

[ed: More Walker than you probably wanted.]

You move around a lot, do you have commitment issues?

A:Yes, but I'm not sure that is relevant. Maybe I'm looking for the perfect place, maybe just restless? As a young Walker, I moved with my parents a lot. For me, moving was fun. When I grew-up and could move on my own, I did it quite frequently. I am trying to settle, really I am. I like Santa Cruz quite a bit and maybe...well, stay tuned.

What happened to [my favorite version of] the WalkCam Page?

A: If you are a long-time visitor, you are no doubt nostalgic for the Halcyon days of the indoor (apartment) cameras. Unfortunately, those days are gone but old versions of the WalkCam Page are still available and the WalkCam Archives are chock full of electronic memories. For the uninitiated, the indoor cams were setup in the living rooms of a few Newport Beach apartments, they developed a very loyal audience, as well as a stalker or two. It was quite an era, the Internet (or web browsing anyway) was still pretty new, 'webcam' wasn't a word, and only a few people were doing the cam thing. We fancied ourselves celebrities, in league with JenniCam, but memory is kind.

These days, webcams are everywhere and the outdoor cams have replaced the indoor cams on the WalkNet site. The outdoor cams change according to where I am living at the time. If I move and I can find someone to run a camera for me when I leave, I am glad to leave one with them so I can stay tuned to what I am missing. Currently, this is the line-up:

Have you met any famous people as a result of the cameras??

A: Yes. I have. Not all as a result of the cameras (and some of the people aren't that famous) but here they are.

What about the scores of loyal followers??

A: The "scores of loyal followers" (as well as the people who ask for naked pictures) can still visit the outdoor cameras but nudity is a rare occurrence. Anyone experiencing extreme withdrawals can look back thru the archived pictures from the webcams. There are also plenty of snapshots in the pictures section. Should be enough photos to keep even the stalkers happy!

How come there are no new photos in the Photo section?

A: Hey, if there were always new photos I would have called it the "New Photo Section". Actually, my life has calmed down a bit lately, there are really only so many pictures you can take of your dog, no matter how cool he is! Maybe I am just making excuses for not making the effort to take my camera more places. The truth is, I am a little lazy sometimes.

What is the best part of having the cameras?

A: My personal favorite was being recognized in public places, but that has not happened too often lately. Truth is, it really only happened once. It was in a bar and the recognizer was a drunk, non-English speaking, German guy. The thrill faded quickly. With the outdoor cams, the only real thrill is moving up Google's Page Rank, so go ahead and link your hearts out. Yes, things are a little slower these days!

What was the original motivation of the WalkCam?

A: Originally, when I first moved west to California, I put up a camera to keep in touch with friends and family back east (others seemed to use it for the same purpose). To some extent, the website still serves this purpose 15 years later. Now that the indoor cameras are gone, the site is at least a quick and easy way to find me. As for the ongoing motivation, there are many theories ranging from financial (haha!) to self-esteem issues (haha?). Back in the day, there was an article published in the Orange County Register that said I had an "oversized ego"'. Ha!! Me??!!  

Attention Craver??

Do you meet tons of girls thru your web page??

A: Tons....as long as you count the guys who pretend to be girls and ask me to send them pictures of me naked. Otherwise, not too many. I referenced my Facebook profile earlier, it seems to generate emails from people who have a lot of problems at home in Ohio and are looking for a fresh start in California. Celebrity ain't what is cracked-up to be.

Don't you ever answer your e-mail wearing a bra??
   <<-- Actual question from the somewhat racy days of the indoor WalkCams

A: Those crazy days are way [way, way] behind me now, but they sure were fun!!

Any problems so far??

A: Well, back in the WalkCam days I had stalker track me down and leave notes all over the place. Turned out to be someone who "knew" me from the WalkCam. It was a little scary at first cause she broke into my house to leave the notes, but she didn't really mean any harm.

Mike, I think your site sucks, but my girlfriend says it is awesome....what should we do??

A: Register your vote here:

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Are you sure this page isn't just a repository for all the cool dancing baloney you couldn't work into the rest of your site??

A: What gives you that idea??

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