Doheney Blues Festival...

The campsite, day 1

The neighbors, Mike, Suzy, Don etc...

...trying to look respectable, we know better now.

Campsite, day 2 - starting to fill-in.

Kenny, lining one up..

...and watching it go.

Simply put: We are all fucked-up.

Next morning, Kevin still smiling.

Breakfast of Champions...

...Cap'n Crunch and a Bacardi and Coke.

Good thing Jenny ain't wearing a skirt...

Sign of the times at the temporary Tuner Inn.

Craig, Randy and G-L-O-R-I-A, watching the Lakers.

Bosco, Campsite Dawg.

Scenic campsite furnishings.. detail.

Sten and G-Love, family portrait.

...who loves ya Baby!!

The Doheney Blues Festival at Dana Point. Val has been telling me about it for 3 years running and I did not made it until this year - I will go next year too. Lots of fun (Turners in the house!!) and a cool crowd of post-Dead Head blues lovers. Yes, it rained and yes, I got a ($$) ticket for parking where I felt like parking instead of following the rules but it was a great experience and worth any trouble that came with it. Took a total of 18 pictures (dumbass), saw a total of two bands, it must have been the people that made it fun.

-- mw 5/22/02

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