Camping at Coldbrook...


Setting up camp.

Mahi, already setup.

The trucks (with Alex and Shelly).

Alex and the brand new Beer-a-myd.

...the table: propane, sticky buns and the camping book..

Nightime falls...

More of the table, the center of every party.

Walker's addition to the beer-a-myd.

Getting higher :-).

Small spill of valuables.

Foot Shot.

How long are we staying??

Shelly at the fire.

Greg's turn.

Dinner prep at mid-beer-a-myd.

Mahi: Star Bark...

Harder than it looks?

Next day@breakfast...

Old eggs are good eggs..

Packin it up...

Time to go wheelin'....

Lumpy's river crossing....

...complete with my thumb at left.


Walker Wheelin.

Dog is co-pilot again.


Camping in the Angeles national forest, coincidently located just above Azusa off- highway vehicle area, with Greg, Alex, Shelly the dogs and the trucks. First rain of the season fell quietly overnight and wrecking the tranny in your truck never felt so good. The campsite was cool, the nature abundant, PLENTY OF FOOD, and LOTS OF BEER. A success by anyone's standards. Everything that broke has been repaired, everything that was wet has dried, ready to go again.

-- mw 11/16/01

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