Random shots 1997-2002

My old apartment (and garden)

More shots of the yard , this is now Jay's living room!!

An afternoon yard party, mcBlend, me and Tim

More yard antics: me, Cuba, Casey and someone too young to drink

mcBlend and Ed at the Beach Blend

After BB closed, the HappyRox got the sign.

This was our Christmas photo

Another perfect day on the roof

This was my 37th B-day (late in the day)

Post card from the boys

Camping in the Angeles National Forest

More camping

Camping, morning after - lookin good!!

Happy camper


me, changing the keg

The 1100 crew...

...with smiles on.

The '02 Christmas card photo

Jay and Brice on top of Jay's new house.

Beautiful Killer - Keilo

Kenny: Priceless

Mahi - The good dog.

Getting "The look" from Mahi

Nothing casual about fetching the ball

Post card from Marty

Me and B-dog at 1100

"Just Woke-up Guy" and the Polish Rastafarian, Halloween 1999

Me and Lumpy - couch bound...

...and roof toppin'

Lumpy and Dick Lewis

Roof toppin' again, during the Sue era.

Summer view from the roof...

..more of the same.

Hear no evil, see no evil.

Hear no evil, speak no evil?

Tim, me and B-Dog

Sue at the wheel, Craig supervising. Boston trip 1998

Fixing the beach cruiser.

On the berm at 11th street.

Showing off my new truck (mouseover for not-so-new-truck).

Walker: 11th street expression session

Funny story behind this picture, trust me.

Another shot of the yard - now gone.

Early days (1997) - The WalkCam at a party

Me, sun, roof.

The 1100 crew at the Wedge...

...smiling for the camera

7 Days a week!!

FIVE YEARS!! Hard to believe I have lived out here so long but here is the proof. These are random shots taken over my tenure here in SoCal (mostly by Alex - thank you) and scanned in with my new scanner. Lots of memories on this page, nothing is in any particular order. Enjoy the views.

-- mw 10/6/02

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