More of Back to Alaska, Baby!!

Marty and his Dad

Marty and his best friend(s)

First football game of '02 as seen on Marty's 2" TV. Good style!

In case anyone forgot

Let's check in on Gomez....

...the most mysterious man in Alaska (more Gomez)

Halftime Mini-party

...and there she is....

...on the phone.

Souvenir hunting tool.


Stashing the goods

Time Check...

Walker, not the best with the automatic timer shots.

Down here, Dumbass!!

A shot of the fireplace, reflected on the clock

Party is almost over

Check the weather...

...and I'm outa here.

Airport scene: I've always liked these trucks for some reason

This sign has always fascinated me as well

Picked a nice quiet seat on the plane

And we're off...aerial view of Ted Stevens Airport, Anchorage.

Party ain't over yet

Landing in Seattle, Mt. Rainier behind the tower

...and off again

Bye, Bye Seattle
Things Seen from the Plane...

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Hood. I was snowboarding there a month ago

Mt. Saint Helens

Me and Mt. Saint Helens

Giant PACMAN eating a small town. Horrors!!

...but what comes around, goes around

A bunch of Northwest lumber heading to market...

...a cruise ship...

...a submarine...

...sun reflecting off the lakes and the ocean...

...a huge sandbar...

...and finally, smog, telling me I am almost home

Sunset. Moon is in the upper left.



Gone. Moon and Venus in left.

Alaska memories.
These pictures cover the second half of my trip. After exploring the wilds of Alaska's bike trails, seeing a few moose, watching the planes, and causing general mayhem, Sylwia (The Polish Supermodel) shows up to charm us. We spent a nice family evening at home and then I was off the next morning to catch my plane. Far from over, the trip home was one of the highlights, providing beautiful weather and scenery - and plenty of Tanqueray. I asked the pilot to keep me updated on the Monday Night Football game, which he gladly did. A cab ride back to the Peninsula and I got home in time to see the Patriots KICK THE STEELERS ASS!!! Thanks Marty, thanks Sylwia. Good Times!!

-- mw 09/12/02

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