Back to Alaska, Baby!!

This friendly Eskimo knows the way...

...and we are ready to go

Looking down on my house on the way to....

...cruising altitude.

Getting close, Alaska scenery cranks up

Hello and welcome to Ted Steven's International Airport

Low tide at the Turnagain Arm (tides run 30' +)


Walker assumes the party position.

We did a little reminiscing...

...and lots of staring at the scenery out the window

No comment, just funny.

Next Day: Time to hit the bikes

Seems like the bluff is the place to be

Mt. Susitna ("the fat, old, tired lady") drawn by Marty

Bluff dweller....

...taking in the view

Found these things here. Don't know exactly what they are.


Close enough... make your bowels loose.




Jet wash on the water

Bike daredevils, camera mounted on helmet

...checking out the movie at the bottom (Note: long skids)

On the way back, moose stops traffic.

It's just a baby...


Whoops!! There's his Mommy in the woods.


Ha, Ha.

Back at the pad, ready for action

Scenic view from Marty's window.

Sunset over, time for a fire

Now, that's a fire!

I have an idea...

...let's call everyone we know!!

Time Check

What the mouth sees before it gets dry

Marty's Gym...

..and the results.


Who let the Genie out of the bong?

Last picture before the end of night one...

...lights out.

Alaska, Baby!! This was my third trip up to see Marty-The-One-Man-Party in his north of the border home. The trip was exactly two days long and by the time I left it seemed like I had crammed a weeks worth of fun and experiences into that short period. We hit the trails, the beers and of course, dabbled in some less wholesome (but more enjoyable) activities. This is page one of the pictures, page two is here. Always have to remember to thank the host, so here you go Buddy - Nice work and I'll see you soon....and Sylwia, be good.

-- mw 09/12/02

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