Hangin with the boyz....in ALASKA !!

On the road, past an avalanche...

Can you say "Bonfire !!"

On the Homer Spit, getting silly...

See what I mean ?

OK, now do you believe me ?

Moonrise at Midnight.

"There's no basement in the Alamo!!!"

Our campsite for the "night".

Beers, bonfire, buddies, bingers...beauty!

Sunset: 1:45am

Check out the glow...

Long shadows.

Da glow, da glow...

Heading to the truck for a mini-party...



Back at Marty's cabin: Time Check


First one asleep always pays the price....

...to the amusement of everyone else.

Cabin fever sets in...

Waka fishing: Caught a wheelbarrow

The view from the couch: Better than TV.

The Trunk, center of the cabin action.

Chicks: The story in 4 pictures....

2: Why is he looking at us like that ?

3:...third choice: Denali, spaz-o-cat....

4:...the end result.

Genius !! Defender championships at 2am.

Sunrise service.

Last Mini-party, at the airport.

Bye-Bye Alaska. Thanks Marty!!

These shots cover the second half of the Alaska experience. Camping on the Homer Spit, getting chased by the "Spit Rats", the Out Glacier and then back to Marty's cabin for a big ol' Alaska-bash with the "Sexkimos". All in all, we put 1000 miles on the 4X4 and camped out every night (except a luscious night on the soft couch, soooo sweet after rock camping!). Marty seems to have the place wired, he know the trails, he knows where the Bald eagles live and he even owns a "Snow Machine" (what most people call a "Snowmobile"). Amazing that this city kid can even survive up in the wilds of Alaska but between bears and Frosty Whales, I think he is going to stay for a while. We will be back.

-- mw 7/1/00

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