Hangin with the boyz....in ALASKA !!

Bye-Bye Balboa Peninsula !!

Hello Kenai Peninsula !!

Good to see ya - ROAD TRIP !!

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

Scenic coastal Alaska.


Big-ass blue glacier.

Me and Marty (R) and Bruce (L)

Self portrait - Gorge-eous !!

The Glacier crew: Dru, Marty and Bruce

Alaska danger: Dru, stuck on an ice flow!!

No, really guys. I need a little help...

Boot camp.

The story behind the photo at left..

Waka, Marty: Glacial lake mini-party.

Falling ice can KILL ! Accident ?

Out of hiking shape ?

Time for some morning grub sticks !

Good grinds ? Oh, yeah !!

Here moosey, moosey, moosey...

Bruce says bye to the moose.

More mirror magic with Dru.

Skeeters the size of 747's.

Skeeter: "Mmmmm....THC."

Grizzly Bear Lake Mini-party.

Summer in Alaska.

Nature boy, self-portrait

With friends....

Super Burger and Captain Hot Dog...

...and their arch rivals.

Marty-The-One-Man-Party moved up to Alaska from Portland last year and has now settled in as a bartender/waiter/manager for a small lodge on the Kenai Peninsula. He invited a bunch of us up for some midnight sun and to see his new paradise. No brainer: I bought tickets and made the trek from one peninsula to the other....these are the pictures....can you tell I took most of them myself ?

-- mw 7/1/00

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