Off to Alaska to see Marty-The-One-Man-Party again...

This must be the way!!

Ooooooohh! Boston attitude north of the border.

Trip planning.

Still plenty of snow!

First stop Mini-party required a little hike....

...and a somewhat foolish river crossing.

"Pavement Ends" - Fun begins!!


Grizzly!!! Ha! Just kidding.

Low tide at Cook's Inlet.

Beautiful mountain at Cook's Inlet

Capt. Cook, filling his Inlet.

In the coldest barrel ever and it's a.....


Probably not the first visitor to do this pose.

Long way down (see our shadows at center).

Marty and the train he works on, "Tour Guide with an Attitude".

Marty posing at home. Note: Patriots Headline on wall.

Mini-Party, pure and simple: Beers, bong, snowball and frozen Lasagna.

Marty's entertainment center

10pm shadows of two hoods drinking beer.

Set a trap for the loud raven called Pizza Crust Surprise

Getting closer....

This is why we call it the Pizza Crust...


Boston motto: "Leave no witnesses."

Alaska Motto: "Just kidding, let's get drunk"

Gomez, A.K.A. to spy on (more Gomez)

11 pm sunset.

Time for a fire and a sunset mini-party...

Mini-party drama: Not much left

Working the phones for a refill

Still looking...

Obviously, we were successful.

This was my second trip up to Alaska to see Marty (or JP or Johnnie - depending on who you ask). Marty now lives in Anchorage about 60 miles from Moose Pass where I visited the first time but Alaska is Alaska no matter how you slice it. We spent the first day down at Summit Lake saying "high" to the old gang and hitting every bar in town (OK - there are only 3 bars, but we hit all of em). We spent the rest of our time exploring the sights and sounds north of the Kenai Peninsula. Lots of 2am mini-parties and a great chance to meet some of the local talent (or, in the case of Gomez, the lack of talent). Lots of fun stories, including guns galore, the hooker and the "Spice deal" and the prettiest bartender I have *ever* seen. Thanks again Marty, now I remember why we call you "Marty-The-One-Man-Party"!!

-- mw 04/18/02

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