New apartment and a few neighbors...

The virtual tour begins...

Looking into the kitchen...

Bathroom (with big stack of Surfer Magazines)

The kitchen (used for storing unfinished restaurant food).

Livingroom/bedroom to the west

From kitchen to livingroom/bedroom.

Livingroom/bedroom to the east

..Livingroom/bedroom to the south

Camera locations on my roof, they take these pictures --->

Camera 1

Camera 2

Famous scholar and scribe, Dick Lewis (1100 roof)

Dick gets Kegerator lesson

Lumpy with some brown beer

Famous producer-guy: Joe Cleary

Joe at sunset in front of 1628 boardwalk

Chris and boardwalk view West

Drew (+ another neighbor) and boardwalk east

Walker's bike parking next to house

Close-up of bike garage.

Sunset pictures from porch

ABS (Another Beautiful Sunset)

More nature

Catalina Island and the 18th street lifeguard tower

The old Toshiba crew: me, Dan, Abu, Patricia & Dave

..the way it really was: Patricia is in charge.

I moved to 1628 West Ocean Front about a year ago, it is a small place with a big front yard (the beach) which suits me fine. The neighbors are friendly, the boardwalk is a human conveyor belt and the surf is only steps away. The rent keeps going up and I think maybe the secret is out but as long as they don't close the beach I will probably pay whatever they ask (note to realitor: this is a non-binding statement). Enjoy the view, and look for me up on top of the picnic table if you ride/skate/blade/razor/jog or walk by.

-- mw 9/1/01

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